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And you use it as your main way of relaxing whenever you feel like you need a moment off. And the thing is that we can’t work and then relax within the same area. Let’s say you’re a web designer, and you’ve just finished working on a new website, or at least you’re reached a milestone and you want to relax for a minute. You can’t relax that way because you’re forcing yourself to keep operating in the same area.But there are times when you just can’t seem to enjoy it as much as usual. Times when you can’t even focus on what you’re reading, and you have to re-read each sentence a couple of times. Designing costs you a lot of intellectual effort, and now, instead of switching to another area, you’re continuing to put your intellectual self to work by forcing your mind to consume new articles about design.Physical exercises may be an even better example here. To truly relax, simply switch to another area of activity.If you’ve just finished your workout at the gym, you’re not going to “relax” by running back home. If you’ve been using your creative, intellectual mind for the last hour or two, the only way to relax now is to either do a physical activity of some sort (like working out), or some emotional activity, so to speak.If you’ve been working out for the last two hours, then reading a book is probably a great way to relax.I can’t remember where I got this concept from, but there are basically three main areas we operate in: physical, intellectual, and emotional.No matter what work or activity we’re engaged in at any moment, it always falls into one of these three categories. Most of us have a “favorite” way of relaxing—a favorite activity, for example.We all need a little relaxation every day, just to keep our productivity at high levels. No one is superhuman enough to be able to keep going 24/7 like a Duracell bunny.

I’m sure you experience that feeling from time to time. The reason why your favorite relaxation activity may not work today lies with the activity you were doing prior to having a moment off.Let’s say that you love to read, like many people do. As I said, there are three main areas we operate in: physical, intellectual, and emotional, no matter what we do.In most cases “emotional” means “social.” So meeting your friends for a beer falls beautifully within this area.Basically, emotional activities are everything that don’t require you to think (intellectually), and don’t involve any type of physical activity.This becomes our go-to relaxation activity by default, no matter what we were doing just a minute before.

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Unfortunately, sometimes this activity isn’t relaxing at all.