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Most intimidating eye color

Some characters end up being The Heart (the social and moral compass), The Face (diplomat and spokesperson), The Smart Guy or the Badass Normal.

I mean, this kid totally got ripped off."This refers to a special ability of someone on a team such as a Five-Man Band who is so specialized as to seem useless in most situations. They may have a power (such as it is), but it's not the reason they're in the group.

They get fire, wind and water, and I get fucking heart!? Sometimes the character will uncover a devastating new use and become the dreaded Lethal Joke Character.

Maybe there ARE more potential uses for this power, it's just that the writers have somehow ignored them this far.

In fact, characters who do nothing but gripe about their uselessness in battle might be a sign of bad writing. Named for an Internet meme, itself referring to Ma-Ti's ring power in .

While the other team members could control the raw elements with visually impressive feats, he could just talk to animals with a Spider-Sense.

Weak, but Skilled characters might take advantage of the Required Secondary Powers. Soon they will be ignored in favor of other, more interesting characters and eventually people will even question why they are still on the team at all. A common method is to have the the character suddenly "evolve" to a higher power level. The Captain tends to be specifically written to have superpowers, in fact. It is a fact of life that leadership tends to favor the Bad Ass, even if their level difference has been no fault of the weaker character himself. If the character still seems ridiculously underpowered, they can still be Rescued from the Scrappy Heap by giving them additional powers or responsibilities. Often said character is The Captain - superpowers would be just a tiny bonus to his real ability: leadership.No doubt it was useful - his telepathy bailed them out a lot, as did the ability to get nearby animals to help, and it seemed to ward off the Idiot Ball - but it lacked the total elemental "badass" quality of the others.

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Then there was the fact that the one Big Bad he bothered to use it on was invulnerable to its powers because "You have no heart!

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