Muslims and catholics dating speed dating tampa florida

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Muslims and catholics dating

Muslims in the US or in the Middle East, are the same, there are some bad but a lot of good.My point to you is we are forgetting what the Christ taught us: LOVE YOUR ENEMIES AND PRAY FOR THOSE WHO PERSECUTE YOU(Matthew ), Please brothers and sisters just read Matthew (5, 38-48).I am catholic and have muslim boyfriend we talk about getting married but I want to get married in catholic church, he is willing to do this but does he have to get baptized cause that he isn't willing to do.

Greetings of peace and love from God my Lord and from me -your little brother- to all of you. You both are non Christians, and therefore you both are equally yoked.Moderator - No, a Catholic and Muslim can't get married according to the Bible because they would be unequally yoked.Join Our Christian Chat and Take The Dating & Marriage Quiz --- Howdy y'all!!!What I told you is the truth about the real Islam, and anyone who said or does something different is not doing the true Islam.There are some bad Muslims there, but they are 1.6 Billions in the world, and if what you are saying is correct, then we will all be in the fourth or fifth World War now!!!

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Finally, I would say, Muslims respect Christians and cannot kill them, and Christians are suppose to love them and pray for them, so lets just do that. To my brothers and sisters, please don't just generalized things based on a very few examples that might be wrong.

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