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Nate burkus dating

If you contact me about this manual, I will ask you to identify yourself, your location, and your local union. Three facts distinguish the UAW, as far as this manual is concerned.First, it holds its officers to high ethical standards, higher standards than other unions, or corporations, require of their own.If you attribute a quote, note the date as I update the manual periodically, and a later visitor might find the passage changed.

The CAC, IEB, or PRB may prove me wrong in some future decision.

If you are researching a particular issue, please obtain copies of cited documents from the UAW and read them, to verify assertions I have made.

People considering joining the UAW are also welcome to read it.

I do not advertise the manual and it carries no advertising. But I discourage visits, use, and quotations from the manual by anyone else, particularly (1) employers, their agents, and counsel, (2) employees represented by the UAW who have resigned or elected not to join, and (3) neutrals including arbitrators, umpires, mediators, academics, teachers including labor studies teachers, students, reporters, charities, courts, judges, and NLRB or DOL or other government officials.

Most PRB decisions since the beginning of 2004 are downloadable below.

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If willing, please call errors, omissions, unclear phrasing, or updated information to my attention, and I will try to correct them. If you have a particular keyword or case name in mind -- say the word "amalgamated" or a PRB case called the "Badura" case or PRB decision "1550" or your own last name -- you can find all mentions of it through the "search" or "edit" menu at the top of your browser. The table of contents is linked to the main text, throughout which there are also links to off- and on-site information.

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