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Neko case dating

The fact that I don't look like a model in real life probably has something to do with it! And that line—"Wild as a mink/ but sweet as soda pop"—where they're talking about their girl, I'd think, Man, if someone said that about me, I could die then. Critics tend not to compare women to men—they tend to compare you to other women. It sounds like too simple an answer, but it's really true.

[Laughs] But you played a muse of sorts on Cartoon network's Aqua Teen Hunger Force. When a bunch of nerds who make cartoons want you to be in their show, that's when you know you've made it. You started out drumming in the punk scene but left because it was too macho. With every single new guy who puts out a record, the press will say, "Here's the new Bob Dylan." Why can't some lady be the new Bob Dylan?

She sings sorrowful, lonesome songs that have a noirish luster, but she wisecracks a mile a minute.

And she finds time to moonlight with indie rock supergroup the New Pornographers.

With Middle Cyclone about to hit i Pods everywhere, we put some questions to her. It was my ode to [the movie] The Beastmaster and Rumple Minze ads—you know those peppermint schnapps ads where they had the lady in the metal bustier riding the giant polar bear?The fiercely independent Case has always done things her way, yet the phrase "works well with others" is surely etched into her report card.If we had our way, Neko Case, who's been twisting and bending country music's rules for the past 12 years, would be as feted as Cat Power and Feist.She has a voice bigger and stronger than Céline Dion's—seeing her live is a little like being flattened by the sound of a jet as it passes overhead.The sword was a rental, that's my car, and the dress I thought would go nice with the sword.

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I've often wondered why no designer has snapped you up as a muse, à la Cat Power and Karl Lagerfeld. When I was a kid, I loved "Rocky Top" by the Osborne Brothers.

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  1. There is still a lot of love between them.' Happy as they are: Sources close to the couple claim they are happy to remain married for the sake of son Maceo, two, and Halle’s eight-year old daughter Nahla – the Oscar winner's only child with her former partner, French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry Just five months after separating the actress was seen lounging next to the French actor with her hand on his bare chest and right over his heart, a soft smile forming on her face while he gazed back at her adoringly.