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Thanks to her management team, we recently got the chance to interview Alexandra. Do you have any chart expectations for the rest of Europe? Unfortunately, the 22-year-old pop star didn't feel like answering much in depth as you'll see. Hi Alexandra, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. I am on tour promoting my new single “Get Back (ASAP)” . Most of us know you from your super catchy single "Mr. Were you expecting the song to become such a hit internationally? "Mr Saxobeat" hit the #1 spot in several countries including; Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Dermark and Austria. It would be a great pleasure to come again to the UK so... Do you have in your plans a visit to America in a near future? Indeed the new single “Get Back (ASAP)” follow up to “Mr. The album will be very diversified and I’ll approach many genres. Speaking of your debut album, you said we'll be getting it 'very soon'. Do you think it's a just trend or is it here to stay? With these markets conquered, the next big step on Stan's career was to crack the very competitive UK market. "Mr Saxobeat" was officially released there this April and it managed to get within the Top 5, making Alexandra Stan the first Romanian female artist to achieve such feat. Tells us a bit about the album, the recording process, what producers helped you, if you have any favorite songs already, will there be many uptempos? The time spend recording with my producers from MAAN STUDIO is was the best time of my life. The dance music is not a trend, it has a long history and I think it will dominate the music industry long time from now. If you could choose one artist to collaborate with, who would it be? She has purple hair in a high ponytail and wears a pair of pink heart-framed sunglasses, pink and blue bracelets on her right wrist and dark-blue wedges. The routine takes place in different locations throughout the song.At the beginning of the song, the dancer is seen lighted up but not the background just yet.

Her name is Alexandra Stan and she's the latest up-and-coming talent to come out from Romania's, increasingly popular, DANCE music scene - After Inna and Elena Gheorghe's success, Alexandra Stan, with the help of the local MAAN STUDIO production team, has quickly risen to become one of the most successful European artists of the last year. Saxobeat") within the Top 5 in such a competitive market like the United Kingdom? I am proud that my music is so appreciated and that encourages me to move on. It feels like this 'saxo beat' has become your signature sound, as your next single "Get Back (ASAP)" also has that influence in style.Alexandra's big break came with the ultra catchy single "Mr Saxobeat", released in late 2010, first in Alex's home country of Romania, where it broke some chart records, and later it spread over the rest of Europe luring everyone that heard it with its infectious beat. Also, is there any important promotion scheduled for the UK soon? Last month I was in the UK for promotion and for the moment I am on tour in Europe to promote my new single “Get Back (ASAP)”. “Mr Saxobeat” is also doing well in the ‘club’ scene in the US. Is it just a coincidence, or are these songs indicative of what your debut album will be like? What are your thoughts on dance/electro-pop music dominating the music industry right now?However, she did share some info with us in the end, like saying the album would be executive produced by MAAN Studio - so expect loads of dancefloor tunes there, she confirmed her debut album will be released in September, and even dared to say electro-pop/dance music will dominate the music industry from now on. First of all, let us know what is up with you at the moment? All my songs are part of my life and they are telling a different story. How important is for you to have become the first Romanian female singer to chart a single ("Mr.And if you think such massive success would overwhelm anyone, you better get ready, cause if you're still planning to jam "Mr Saxobeat" in your parties this summer, you should know Alexandra has a new summer smash under her sleeve, a new single called "Get Back (ASAP)". I really enjoyed working with them and I had a lot of fun. What singers have influenced Alexandra Stan and why? I admire many artists , that’s way is very difficult to pick just one.

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Similar in sound to "Mr Saxobeat", will this formula work again? I don’t have a favourite song because all the songs are part of my life and they represent me. You new single "Get Back (ASAP)" is off to a good start, already peaking high on the Romanian charts. The new single “Get Back (ASAP)” is already climbing the European charts, but it’s hard to tell if it will surpass the success of “Mr. I think this song is a really good song, but the world will decide. Over time there were many artists who impressed me both by their voice or by their attitude. It would be an interesting experience for me to collaborate with an international artist.

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