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In a draft seen by Reuters in April, Nigeria planned to split state oil company NNPC into two to help ease a planned stake sale in the coming years."The poor performance of the NNPC is a major concern.From Ngurtuwa to Lagos, the Nigeria Sun should be your number one choice for breaking news - local, regional, and national.ABUJA - Nigeria's Senate has moved forward a first piece of much-delayed legislation to tackle long-standing problems in managing the nation's oil wealth, aiming to agree on details for full consideration in just four weeks, lawmakers said.

After the relatively positive critical and undeniably commercial success of A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), writer/director Wes Craven followed it up with what is generally considered the worst film of his career, if not one of the worst horror fil ... Nigeria Sun –Nigeria News Online Newspapers the world over strive to provide readers with the ultimate news coverage. As an online news service we have advantages over traditional newspapers in that stories can be added and updated 24 hours day.Our objective is to provide the most comprehensive Nigerian news available, from our resources, contracted wire services and an inventory of some thousands of sources comprising newspapers, cable and TV networks, radio stations, public broadcasters, NGOs and others, Nigerian news is a priority. We do however strive to provide a complete news services for our readers.The commercialization of the corporation and its splitting into two entities is for more efficiency and to enhance performance," said Senator Tayo Alasoadura, who sponsored the bill."It (the bill) also provides for the establishment of a single petroleum regulatory commission which will focus mainly on regulating the industry," he said.The Petroleum Industry Bill, stuck in parliament for a decade, aims to tackle everything from an overhaul of state oil company NNPC to taxes on upstream projects in a sector riddled with corruption.

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The Senate, parliament's upper house, gave initial approval in the second reading late on Wednesday to the draft plan to overhaul the state oil industry, a procedural move that allows the bill to move forward, MPs said.

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