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The 12 days of Christmas song and Santa is from Glasgow were crackers. The bit where they were all trying to get in to the bed brilliant. I could go on and on so many different bits that had us all in fits of laughter. Myself and my husband took our 3 grandchildren and we all loved it! We were in row G, first 5 seats in from the centre aisle (so glad the centre aisle was kept during renovations, I hate The Kings for getting rid of theirs), cast were all brilliant, especially Elfie "Elvis has left the building" lol....

hahahah we had some fun at Bedtime Stories (Thursday 5.15-6.45) last night! Westfield Start Well Centre PS joxyted you need to practice your moves lol A great big thank you to my young volunteers xxx I have had a few enquiries about a crafty club for toddlers when the out grow twinkles.

Really enjoyed panto This year Johnny Mac as excellent as usual , also enjoyed seeing Nicola park as the fairy kev and Nanny fab thought Marvin was a great addition Tyler Collins great actor also his sidekick hank played by Leah from river city her facial expressions were spot on if I was to critic one thing I missed Michelle Mc Manus none of the female cast came up to her singing standard other than that good show My best bit was when Johnny mac (elfie) couldn't get his bum up on to the bed and kept sliding down again. Elfie was the best, the panto wouldn't be the same without him. Took my Sons, one for the 1st time, and they loved it. Elie the selfie and Kev were my favourites but all the cast were brill. Xxx Enjoyed the show 12 days of Christmas was good and Ellie the selfie was a great character although Johnny Mac always steals the show...great to see Dean Park back.

Stephen popped his head up from the middle of the bed and said Johnny ges ur hand. Johnny shouts I'm not Johnny I'm elfie and ur not in this scene. My son who is 7 loves the he says and has been saying "I'm enjoying myself" for years. Defo favourite character has to be Elfie the Selfie! I am never disappointed with a Pavillion panto i have been going every year since I was a wee lassy. Always the pavilion for us took my two grandsons age 12 & 18 months for the first time and my granddaughter 5 who dressed as an elf....on New Year's Eve as usual Best Panto, we never go anywhere else at Christmas.

Well done to everyone at the pavilion in Glasgow as it was defo a job well done. The show was so good from start to finish it would be to hard pick out any one bit. Favourite character Elfie- Johnny Mac always, he is so funny, Fairy Bells- Nicola Park was funny also. Thoroughly recommend it ❤️Great Panto,all the cast wee amazing Lewis age 7 said this was the best ever, we all loved it.

But my grandchildren got photos taken outside at the end of the show with Johnny Mac and this made their night . Brilliant Christmas atmosphere, lots of laughter and great songs. Merry christmas to everybody involved in this brilliant panto.


I may be able to start a crafty critters class on Monday afternoons 1-2 at gioco. The cost will probably be £4 per child and as always twins are buy one get one free xxx 1-2.30 twinkle tunes at st Francis city rd pemberton Tuesday 1-2 Twinkle Toes baby sensory at Playtown Southport £3 per baby 1-2 Twinkle toes baby sensory at Shevington library Wednesday 9.30-10.30 &12-1 baby Bubbles and Rhyme at Gioco Wigan £3 per baby 10-11.30 family frenzy at Standish Methodist church 10.30-11.30 & 1-2 Tiger Feet at Gioco Wigan £3 per toddler 3.30-5 age 5-8 play session st Barnabas marsh green Thursday 9.30-10.45 Family frenzy at Westfield childrens centre 10-11 Baby, bubbles & Rhyme at St Annes church hall beech Beech Hill & Sacred Heart Sure Start Children's Centre 1.30-2.30 tiger Feet at Ince Starwell centre 5.15-6.45 bedtime stories at westfield childrens centre Friday 10-11 &12.30-1.30 baby bubbles and rhyme at shevington library £3 per baby 11-12 Tiger Feet at Shevington Library £3 per child After a long sabbatical (for one reason or another) we will be back at Playtown Southport on Tuesday 1st November with our first Christmas crafty sessions!

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