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Pending checkins updating

You can use My Work to: If you are working in a local workspace, Visual Studio can detect changes that you make outside the system.

The most important problems I see with the new one: - No way to have that window independent so it can be accessed easily and fast - Difficult to see at first sight the files changed!

(of course, the new “no color” interface is part of the problem...) - Difficult to exclude changes!

Team Services | TFS 2015 | Visual Studio 2015 | Visual Studio 2013 Most changes that you make to your files are queued as pending changes.

As you work, you can organize, manage, and get details about what you’ve changed.

From the team explorer home page (Keyboard: Ctrl + 0, H), you can begin coding in a new or in an existing solution.

After you open your solution, open the solution explorer (Keyboard: Ctrl + Alt + L).

I think the old one was almost perfect so why did you change it???

When you open and modify a file from the solution explorer, the file is automatically checked out for you.

Icons appear to indicate which files you have not changed , those you have checked out , and those you have added to the solution .

(in the old one it was so easy by clicking the checkbox...) We are happy to let you know that in today’s release of Visual Studio 2013 Preview we have made numerous improvements to the Pending Changes experience.

The most significant additions are the ability to undock the Pending Changes page from Team Explorer, an option for viewing changes in a flat list, text filtering, and the removal of the “All Changes” page that was used when your number of files exceeded 250 items.

If you’re working in a solution that contains a lot of files, you’ll probably find it convenient to filter the solution explorer to show only the files you have changed (Keyboard: Ctrl + [, P).

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If you’re using Visual Studio Premium or Visual Studio Ultimate, you can use the My Work (Keyboard: Ctrl + 0, M) page in the team explorer to manage your work.

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