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You can have a lot of fun when you are dating online.

There are so many people to meet and almost everyone has an interesting story to tell. You have to be able to say something that is going to stick in their minds and get their attention.

Writing is a big talent and if you really like the way that they write you might as well tell them. Number 4 – Beautiful Picture Tell him or her that you like their picture.

You can use a little bit of a toned down version to make it non sexual.

You might say something like “You sure can write an email.” Number 3 – You Are An Excellent Writer Complimenting people on their knowledge and skill is a great way to connect and make them feel appreciated and enjoyed.

Just make sure that you use the ones that really work and don’t send the girl laughing out the door with a “Did you fall from heaven? Let’s go on to look at 10 online dating pickup lines. This may sound funny and it is but it can get some good responses and genuine answers.

People want to open up and share about why they are one the site.

Commenting on the person’s looks should be a second compliment since they may think that you only like them because they look good if you say this the first thing.

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Number 5 – The Sign Find out what their sign is and tell them that all of your favorite people are that sign.

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