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Playing dating and maybe mating notre dame

Some might argue that it’s only natural for the women in the lab to treat the provocatively-dressed woman poorly.

One didn’t wait for the sexy woman to leave the room before exclaiming, “What the fuck is that?!”“That was a 10 out of 10 as far as bitchiness,” Vaillancourt told me.One day in Ontario, 86 straight women were paired off into groups of two—either with a friend or a stranger—and taken to a lab at Mc Master University.There, a researcher told them they were about to take part in a study about female friendships.The clinical term for the womens’ bitchiness is “indirect aggression"— essentially, aggression we don’t want to get caught for.“You tend to do it such that you won't be detected,” she explained.

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“Or you make an excuse for your behavior, like, ‘I was only joking.’ Direct aggression is just what it is: physical or verbal aggression.”Psychologists Roy Baumeister and Jean Twenge have also theorized that women, not men, are largely the ones who suppress each others’ sexualities, in part through this sort of indirect aggression.“The evidence favors the view that women have worked to stifle each other’s sexuality because sex is a limited resource that women use to negotiate with men, and scarcity gives women an advantage,” they wrote.