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Pre selection dating definition

Strength, money, access to resources are actually beneficial to a potential mate.Instead, men find they can exhibit these meta-traits to attract women, because possessing these meta traits demonstrate access to women, who theoretically found him to display other traits of value (such as strength or access to resources).But there’s a major game changer on the scene: Online dating.The Problem of Online Dating and Pre-Selection The problem with online dating is that it signals something very anti-pre-selection: You do not have a mate or options, so you are going online to find one. Pretty much every tenet of game revolves around this concept. The best indicator of a man with value is finding a man that other women are attracted to.It’s a meta signal, because men start exhibiting traits that demonstrate preselection instead of traits that show actual value in a mate.Of course, that means if you can learn to exploit preselection, you can more likely attract mates without necessarily possessing the actual traits that give a man value, only the ones that signal that others think you do!

Naturally, the tendency of game-savvy men is to still attempt to game on their profiles.

But it’s difficult if you don’t recognize the disadvantages of pre-selection in this context.

Exploiting pre-selection for pickup only works (and is really more necessary) because you lack the original qualities that cause pre-selection.

Almost all the signals that game attempts to exploit are all attempts at hacking pre-selection, by giving the appearance of pre-selection when there is none actually happening: Both of these fake pre-selection by displaying traits that would otherwise be present in people who have been pre-selected by other women.

These hacks have been useful in creating what’s known as the gaming community or pickup community.

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