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The FBI has also publicly acknowledged its ability to employ such techniques when investigating criminal activity: Last year, a federal magistrate rejected the agency’s request to secretly monitor a suspected criminal through his webcam.The Chinese government used a program called Ghostnet—which involved remote access to webcams—to spy directly on the Dalai Lama, though it is not known whether or not they first disabled the indicator light.The likelihood that burglars will sneak in is relatively low, but the simple click of a lock can make it much less likely.Wolf claims she never saw the indicator light when the images were being taken.But is it any less disturbing if the indicator light With the right tools, in other words, almost anyone—from foreign governments to the creepy teenager down the street—could be recording you while you sit at your computer.All of this raises the question: Why don’t we just cover our webcams whenever they aren’t in use?Is this the digital equivalent of leaving the front door unlocked, or forgetting to check the deadbolt at night?

Some students in the Lower Merion School District reported seeing the indicator light turn on with no explanation.And earlier this year, a 19-year-old man used covertly recorded webcam images of several women—including Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf—as part of an extortion effort, threatening to post nude images if his demands were not met.But it isn’t just governments who are co-opting webcams to do their surveillance work.In 2010, high school administrators in Pennsylvania took more than 30,000 webcam images of students using remote access tools installed on school-issued laptops.But PC users shouldn’t rejoice—Mac Books are not the only devices at risk.

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