Problems updating peerguardian 2

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Problems updating peerguardian 2

If you do not set the correct ips you may become locked out of your server and require a Krypt technician to unlock your server for you. Your personal computer that you remote desktop or connect you your server with. On your personal computer web browsers use Google search engine and type "what is my ip" in the search box. Create a list of ips that you want to allow connection to your server. Ips to select would be those of other servers you have that connect to the one in which you are install and setting up peerguardian. If setup correctly you should have no problem getting locked out of your server. Click the X button on the top right of the List manager window to exit. You need to click the disable button to disable the ip blocking and then click update to search for list updates.We are not responsible for any loss of information and/or disconnection from server while using this peerguardian. This information is only provided only for knowledge and we give no guarantee on peerguardian's performance. While in the startup wizard be sure to check "Import/Create Lists" at the "select lists" page. At the customize lists page click the "create list" button. If you do not add your personal computer ip you can get locked out.

If it says "Allow" select "list\permblock.p2b" then click the "edit" button.4. Click the X button on the top right of the List manager window to exit. "list\permblock.p2b" to block or list\permallow.p2b to allow.

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You can right-click on any of them to allow or block them permanently or for a certain time. If you are having any problems with other programs not working properly while running peerguardian try disabling it and then enable to see if the problem is a blocked ip.1.

Now you can view what ips are being blocked or allowed from source and destination.

Check to see if "list\permblock.p2b" Type shows "Block"3. If you are allowing or block select the appropriate list. To the right select the empty field under "starting IP" and enter the ip.

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