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Martin explores this contradictory arrangement with her trademark skepticism and dubiety.

The patriarchal nature of Saudi Arabian society is also put under the microscope, as Martin reveals the country's general oppression of women's rights and proclivity for punishing women for their own sexual assaults.

Non-violent offences account for a whopping 43% of these executions.

Camille is currently involved with attorney and entrepreneur, Dimitri Charalambopoulos.

She has appeared on both the big and small screens.

Camille is a multi-talented model, actress, dancer and advocate, who calls Beverly Hills her home. She was married to sitcom star and icon, Kelsey Grammer, for 13 years.

Together, they have a daughter, Mason, and a son, Jude.

Saudi Arabia is only one of four countries left in the world to still practice public beheadings and, in some circumstances, crucifixion.

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It is shockingly common for people to be arbitrarily detained and persecuted in secret trials.