Registry of dating practitioners

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Physicians would need to take an as-yet-determined course on cannabis therapy to complete their status as a "practitioner" in the program. One that has seriously hampered patient access in both New Jersey and New York.

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But even as the elation of the hurdle being cleared echoed in the chamber, a more cautious reality began to sink in.The bill is not actually, completely through the legislative process.Both bills prohibit smoking and would only allow allow extracted, processed cannabis oils that could eaten or used in an e-cigarette. Yet no whole plant material and no pre-made edibles, like cookies or candy, could be sold to patients. While the news has been that some Senators are examining the technicalities, a "may" here and a "shall" there, some of the concepts are more fundamental.The House bill would require doctors who wish to register patients in the medical cannabis program to themselves register with the Department of Health.Chris Goldstein is a marijuana reform advocate and writer who helped with decriminalization in Philadelphia.

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He serves on the Board of Directors at Philly NORML and works as Senior Editor of Freedom Leaf Magazine. Delaware) said, “I think of those who are illegally healing every day.