Renee zellweger jim carrey dating

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Renee zellweger jim carrey dating

Although Kenny was wearing his wedding band, I didn't hear any mention of Renee from people involved with Kenny's tour.

It was as if she didn't exist."After the Louisville concert, Chesney arrived at his home in St John alone.

He added: "The promise has to pertain to the heart of the marriage."The Oscar-winning actress, 36, has had several ill-fated relationships.

A long affair with the actor Jim Carrey ended abruptly five years ago when they were planning to marry.

Earlier this month, rumours swept the Venice film festival about their relationship when Zellweger turned up for the screening of her film Cinderella Man without her husband.

Chesney said: "I may well be the luckiest man alive."The new husband, currently America's most popular country singer, left on a US concert tour just days after the ceremony.

The couple were last photographed together jogging in Dallas in May and a week later they were seen together at one of Chesney's concerts in Philadelphia.

The next month, they were married in a 15-minute beach ceremony on the resort island of St John in the US Virgin Islands. Chesney's backing band found out when he announced the wedding on stage only two days before the ceremony.

But they appeared to be infatuated with each other.

Zellweger was said to have been devastated over the ending of her subsequent romance with Jack White of the White Stripes, who she met on the set of Cold Mountain. In January, she was taking telephone calls from donors at the Concert for Hope for tsunami victims when Chesney, 37, was performing.

They met behind the scenes, and by April they were seen in public together.

According to friends, she and Kenny Chesney, the country singer, married on an impulse after a whirlwind romance, and were unable to reconcile the fact that she wanted him to live with her in Connecticut, and he was happier in Nashville and at his Caribbean home.

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According to Sorrell Trope, a Hollywood divorce lawyer, such a claim meant "a promise was made before the marriage, but the person who made it had no intention of keeping it".

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