Rihanna dating chris brown

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Rihanna dating chris brown

Luckily for Breezy, Danielle is currently getting the help she needs in a mental facility.

The entertainer's lawyer, Setara Qassim, believes this means she's no longer a present threat to Chris. We're glad this case was resolved in a peaceful manner, especially since the celeb has dealt with his fair share of home invaders over the years! [ Filed under: Fashion Smashion • Kanye West • Kim Kardashian • Party Poppin' • Chris Brown • Khloe Kardashian • Melanie Griffith • Cindy Crawford • Kourtney Kardashian • Jaden Smith • Kris Jenner • Gabrielle Union • Kylie Jenner • Kendall Jenner • Cara Delevingne • Scott Disick • Kate Mara • Big Sean • Tyga • Caitlyn Jenner • KUWTK • Corey Gamble • Kaia Gerber • Hailey Baldwin Happy birthday, Kenny! refused to stand during the national anthem was even more exciting as we thought, as we're hearing Chris was approached at halftime with the paperwork.

Breezy's image following the Rihanna scandal, as well as help the artist get out of debt and off of drugs. G claims he successfully worked with Chris up until earlier this year, when Brown supposedly brought Mike into a room and repeatedly punched him in the face and neck. G later added defamation claims to the lawsuit after the 27-year-old responded by claiming Mike stole money from him. Related: Chris' Gun Case May Be Dropped Soon Due To Lack Of Strong Evidence Anyway, now reports Brown was served a court summons last month — but totally ran away from the process server! In fact, the 27-year-old was supposed to be arraigned two weeks ago, but authorities requested two more weeks in order to gather more evidence… Additionally, it doesn't help Baylee's case that drugs and alcohol were consumed during the party AND she was quick to make the media rounds after the alleged incident. Related: Chris Denied Visa To Japan Because Of The Arrest As you may recall, Baylee Curran does a lot more than just accuse A-listers of crimes as she is also a beauty queen. Related: Chris Denied Visa To Japan Because Of The Arrest In a now-deleted video on Instagram, the controversial celeb addressed the recent reports as he dished: Chris Brown may be out of jail, but Baylee Curran's allegations are still haunting him.

Not to mention, authorities can't directly pin a gun to C. However, during the recent Miss Greater Inland Empire Pageant, the blonde beauty couldn't shake her connection with Brown as she was forced to singer is supposedly being investigated by Child Protective Services after being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon back in August. It's been just under a month since the singer was arrested following the former beauty queen's claims that he threatened her with a gun, and now Breezy's parenting skills are officially being called into question.

Both of these incidents, in which Patti screamed graphic sexual comments and other threats, made Mr.

Brown fearful for the safety of his daughter Royalty.

B., which basically makes or breaks the entire case. Whether or not this is a dead end, we will keep you updated as the case progresses or falls flat. Related: Chris Denied Visa To Japan Because Of The Arrest On Thursday, an investigator from the Department of Child and Family Services — along with LAPD — arrived at the scandalized star's El Lay home to check up on his daughter Royalty, who was reportedly there as well.Sources tell that Breezy's baby momma, Nia Guzman, filed a complaint against the famous father in light of Miz Curran's accusations.We are curious as to why the investigation is just happening now, especially since the district attorney hasn't filed charges against Chris.[, the 19-year-old spoke about what it was like having Michael Jackson as a father., on Wednesday a judge ruled that Brown's stalker Danielle Patti must stay away from him and his property for FIVE YEARS.

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Related: Kendall Jenner's Trespasser Found NOT Guilty Of Stalking As we previously reported, Danielle broke into the singer's pad multiple times in December of 2015 and April of 2016.