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Then it was on to CBBC and eventually to standing next to Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard in the pit lanes of the world. However, I do feel I've missed out on one element of life - being a student.Thankfully, I think this job sometimes allows me to glimpse what life must be like living with a bunch of like-minded mates, enjoying work and play in not quite equal measure.I guess the difference is that instead of the bus into Manchester it's a flight to Melbourne; in place of lectures, it's live TV.However, many elements are the same, and this weekend was a bit like a student field trip as we tackled the mammoth journey to the the Yeongam circuit.Kontakt am besten per E-Mail: contact _at_ Updates zu dieser Seite via Twitter Datenschutz-Hinweis Diese Website nutzt Wass Up und Google Analytics zur Protokollierung von Zugriffen.Das Facebook Social Plugin steht mit in Verbindung.

6 20357 Hamburg Coypright für alle hier veröffentlichten Fotos, Videos und Texte liegt, sofern nicht anders angegeben, bei uns.Now, people often ask how I ended up as a TV presenter, and the answer my Mum always hates me giving is that I failed my A-levels.I must quickly provide the caveat at this point that I did indeed return to Norwich's Hewett High School for an extra year and emerged with decent grades in English, Politics and Psychology (the middle one is particularly handy working in F1! However, it was while retaking my exams that I started doing work experience at Anglia TV, which led to a job earning around £5,000 a year. As I write this, it's 1300 BST on Monday but my body clock is about as confused as Force India's Adrian Sutil appeared this weekend.I'm not sure what's going on or where I am, to be honest, such are the effects of travelling across various time zones at all hours.

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The flight itself is no more arduous than to China or Japan; it was more the journey at the other end, really.

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