Sarah palin daughter dating a black man

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Sarah palin daughter dating a black man

What is more, the Palin clan is large and strong, and live a relatively isolated life in Alaska. The only bullets the Palin offspring will be running from are from moose and bear hunters.So why am I taking the time to make this distinction?(So for all you folks who want to say have the “white people do it too!

Her children will more than likely avoid the poverty, high drop out rates, low test scores, likelihood of prison and all the other ills associated with children born into single parent homes.They’ll be fine not because God is merciful, but because your family is loaded. In short, a young woman like Bristol Palin having two out-of-wedlock children is unusual for other white people who revolve around the Palin family’s socioeconomic status.Still, Bristol will more than likely never be called a ‘baby mama,’ and the reason is simple.The most likely way to avoid poverty, build wealth, and create security for your offspring is still marriage.Because this is an opportunity to highlight a fact of life that’s unfair, but nonetheless true: You as a black girl or woman of reproductive age can’t do what this white, rich, privileged girl is doing and expect the same outcome. Generations of single parenthood in the black community has left no safety net for mothers of such children.

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  1. 'That just happened to be who [my wife] was': Most of the documentary's subjects are African American women who faced challenges due to their dark skin tone but there are also men who contend they just don't see things that way But the goal of the film may not be simply to show how unfair the world is.

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