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Police suspected femicide almost immediately after learning that Di Pietrantonio had told friends that her ex-boyfriend had become increasingly obsessed and jealous in the 20 days since they broke up.

But initially, he seemed to have an ironclad alibi working as a night watchman when she was killed so they briefly checked out her new boyfriend, who she had seen before texting her mom.

ROME — Sara Di Pietrantonio’s Toyota Ayga was still smoldering at the side of the road shortly before 5 a.m.

when her mother, Concetta Raccuia, arrived at the street in western Rome where the car had been set on fire early Sunday morning.

According to police, at least two cars passed by the arguing couple while Di Pietrantonio was apparently trying to escape her ex-boyfriend’s forced embrace.

Di Pietrantonio, 22, had sent her mother a text around a.m. When she hadn’t arrived an hour later and didn’t respond to calls to her cellphone, Raccuia became worried.

She was getting ready to go out and find her daughter when the police called to say the car registered in her name was found burning on the side of the road near where they lived. Her long blonde hair was singed and her blouse was unbuttoned.

According to police documents, Paduano waited for Di Pietrantonio outside her new boyfriend’s house and followed her along the dark street she took home.

Then he forced her car off the road and confronted her, first by trying to kiss her, and then by trying to force her to perform fellatio on him.

In 2015, there were 128 femicide victims in Italy; in 2014 there were 136.

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The figure breaks down to one femicide every two days.