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We needed to be tempted, not by going into the desert but into the jostling crowd. Eventually, I learned to say less and encouraged others to become the center of the discussion, something I’m not good at.In doing so I created an opportunity to learn a lot from skeptics and non-skeptics alike.The slow pace of papers and the length of time between conferences, very much the time-tested way, was too slow for my temperament. It reminded me of the proverbial boyhood tree house with the sign that read, “No Girls Allowed.” Maybe that’s unfair: You had to be nominated. No one was ever turned away although a couple of people were eventually kicked out of the group for email misbehaving.There was the Shroud Science Group conducting discussions in private by email. If there had been a sign and someplace to hang it, it would have read, “No Skeptics Allowed.” At least, it felt that way.I still gut-think it is probably authentic but in all honesty I can’t defend the word probably with real-world science and objective history. I can say with more honesty that from all the evidence discussed here, with everyone’s input considered, I believe the shroud is indeed authentic. As I leave blogging about the shroud, I want to leave a few thoughts behind. I may awake to a new list tomorrow but I won’t go back and change it. On Overwhelming Evidence: From time to time, people have tried to convince me that the evidence in favor of authenticity is overwhelming. That is why this blog has over 4000 postings with a total of more than 46,000 comments.Similarly, others have tried to convince me that the evidence against authenticity – particularly the carbon dating – is overwhelming. That is why this blog has accumulated 3.3 million page views.I hope this has been true for others because this blog was never intended for my benefit alone. Lately, I have been posting almost every day, sometimes two or three times a day. They are good comments, not those meaningless short comments you see in so many blogs. In looking back over seven years, I realize that my overall views on the shroud have not changed significantly.You’ll note that in the right hand column of every page, I say, “The Shroud of Turin may be the real burial cloth of Jesus.” I used to say it probably is instead of may be.

I’m now more involved in the community where I live and I want to become more active in the church.That is why 790 people subscribe to receive email copies of every posting. On Seeing Things on the Shroud: I don’t think there are any images of ancient coins, plants, teeth or written messages in Greek, Latin or Hebrew; all these are wishful misperceptions or pareidolia. I started this experiment seven years ago with the hope of beginning an ongoing conversation about any and all topics related to the shroud. I’ll keep the blog up for future research and reading. If you want to take over in some way, write to me and we’ll try to figure out something.Skepticism is the healthiest of attitudes with all things having to do with religion. For instance, a Christian should never fear new discoveries in science and history.

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