Single parent dating denio nevada

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Single parent dating denio nevada

One of the brothers, James Woodcock, was a teamster and bridge builder in Humboldt county, for many years, where he died. Woodcock received very few educational advantages, there being opportunity for attending school only a few brief months in the winter.

He began work as a lumberman when a boy in his native province and became at an early age inured to hardship and severe manual labor.

Woodcock, of Rohnerville, who, although almost eighty years of age, conducts a thrifty little ranch of some twenty odd acres between Rohnerville and Fortuna, where he may be found hard at work every day in the year.

It is a noteworthy fact that the average pioneer is a stronger man at an advanced age than is the product of a modern and more complicated civilization, and one of the splendid evidences of this is George F.

Later he engaged in gold mining, but did not find that the returns were satisfactory, and so gave that up. Jones Company and for twenty-seven years remained with them, during the last fifteen years of that time being in charge of their outside work, and much of the time running three teams and one hundred twenty men. He came to and entered the employ of the Pacific Lumber Company fifteen years ago, when he was a youth of but nineteen years, and has steadily made his way upward through sheer ability and pluck. M., of Fortuna, and is deservedly prominent in Masonic circles. He it was who took the gold medal on King apples at the San Francisco apple show in 1914, and his orchards are a delight to the eye as well as being particularly profitable to their owner.

He came to California by way of the Isthmus of Panama, going at once into the gold mines on the American river in Placer county, arriving there the latter part of September, 1859.

Times were then very hard and he secured the necessary outfit for the wood chopper, laid in a simple supply of food and "batched" while he chopped wood, receiving in wages per day. The responsible position of foreman of the machine shops for the Pacific Lumber Company at Scotia is at present held by J. Johnson, a young man of much ability and high integrity of character, who has occupied this position since June, 1911, and is giving the greatest of satisfaction.

His father, David Woodcock, was a native of Maine, as was his paternal grandfather, also David Woodcock.Both lived and died in New Brunswick, although they were essentially American in their sympathies and ideas.The father was married in New Brunswick to Miss Sarah Thomas, a native of that province.He was a shoemaker by trade, the grandfather being a carpenter, and both were industrious and prosperous, although neither ever accumulated riches.He is capable of doing as hard a day's work as a man half his years, and is not in the least distressed thereby, rather enjoying the exhilaration of the strenuous exercise.

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For more than half a century he has resided in California, being variously engaged during that long and eventful period, although for twenty-seven years he was in the employ of one company, being one of their most trusted and trustworthy men. Woodcock is a native of Charlotte county, New Brunswick, having been born March 20, 1837.