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Spot dating archaeology

The Yemasse War was incited by perceived European encroachment upon Native American territory.

Native Americans, such as the Creek, Apalachee, Yuchi, and Chickasaw, also traded at Fort Moore.

Further, the frontier foothold originally established by the fort later developed into New Windsor Township, one of several backcountry townships established in the 1730s.

During the period of Indian trade in the colony, Native Americans exchanged dressed deerskins for firearms, shot, powder, cloth, metal tools, and other items manufactured in Europe.

During the latter years of its history, other trading posts were established in the small community adjacent to Fort Moore.

As a response to the war, beginning in 1715 the colonial government in South Carolina constructed Fort Moore in Beech Island near Augusta, in addition to forts near present day Columbia (Fort Congaree), Savannah (Palachacolas Fort), and Port Royal Sound (Beaufort Fort).

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These early posts were established to provide protection to settlers along the colonial frontier and help regulate the deerskin trade with Native Americans.