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Her other interests include drawing, snacking, hiking, traveling, and eating cheese.

Fatal weakness: candy, naps Crushes: Gram Parsons, Steve Buscemi, Hugh Laurie, Domnhall Gleeson, the Portland Trail Blazers Favorite TV shows: and dog shows.

Favorite TV: Favorite Authors: Carson Mc Cullers, Carolyn Keene, MFK Fisher, Georges Simenon, Lois Lowry Turn-ons: bakeries, used bookstores, German writing instruments, clean linens Turn-offs: industrial meat production, extreme temperatures, inconsistency , was published in May 2016 by Public Affairs.

She speaks frequently on the subject of feminism, media, and pop culture at various colleges and universities.

She is thrilled to have landed in Portland OR, where she enjoys cooking and eating the local bounty and exploring the town through the eyes of her children and dog, Copper.

Andi graduated from The Colorado College in 1994 with a B. in Fine Art that has proved to be more or less useless, though she did use it to secure a job designing rugs for Pottery Barn back in the day.

She passes her non-Bitch hours watching television, hanging out with her basketball-obsessed family, embroidering portraits of dogs, and subscribing to whatever magazines are left on Earth.

Julie Falk was hired as Bitch Media's first Executive Director in June 2009.

She previously served as Executive Director of the Center for Health Justice in Los Angeles and the Prison Media Fund in Cambridge, MA.

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Fatal weakness: hamburgers Favorite TV shows: Celebrities: The entire U. Women's National Soccer Team Poets: Mary Oliver, Kate Tempest, ee cummings Music: Tegan and Sara, Robyn, Brandi Carlile, Robyn, John Coltrane, Nina Simone, Gregory Alan Isakov, Ratatat, Paul Simon Secretly wishes she were a: musician Amanda is a recovering Texan that chilled out at the University of Wisconsin - Madison for five years before b-lining to PDX to organize for the PIRGs.