The new rules for love and dating relative dating using cratering distribution

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The new rules for love and dating

Buying into what I call “the right person myth” creates trouble in your dating life and sets you up for problems in marriage. What I’ve discovered is that people with problems get married, and then they have a troubled marriage. The challenge is, nobody tells you that your single people problems go with you to the altar.

It could actually be a game changer in terms of how you approach relationships.

Some of us have lists of characteristics that we are looking for in a mate that range from personality traits to core beliefs and physical attributes.

Andy Stanley doesn’t tiptoe around difficult and awkward topics, but hits them head on with honest and straightforward wisdom and insight.

He doesn’t try to soften the blow, and believe me it does feel like a punch to the gut sometimes, but he offers biblical advice without apology.

Nobody tells you that chemistry is not enough to make a relationship work.

Nobody tells you that instead of trying to magically meet the right person, you should try to become the right person.

It should be no surprise then that in Stanley’s new book The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating,he is just as clear, just as blunt and just as candid when it comes to the topics that are on most of our minds as single people—love, sex and dating.

I’m telling you these things because I want your relationships to succeed.No matter what season of life you are currently in, shifting your focus from finding the right person to becoming the right person will help you make better relational decisions and will leave you with fewer regrets in the future.Maybe you’re single and you’ve bought into that idea when looking for someone to date. Over the years I’ve talked to many, many couples—married couples, engaged couples, living-together couples, problem couples—and everyone in between.Or maybe you’re married and you realize now that everything doesn’t just fall into place once you marry the “right” person. And here’s the thing: I’ve never talked to a married couple that had a marriage problem.This book offers something different than all the others.

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