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So, how can we take the best of our own parent’s advice and make it work with this generation?

The first thing to remember is that words don't teach as effectively as actions.

What lessons would you want your children to remember if this was you last day together?

I lost my mother when my children were just three and four years old.

Following the death of my mother, I realized that even though she was gone physically, her words and actions still guided me.

She had already shown me how to navigate through life and I knew I could do the same for my children.

How can we effectively demonstrate the importance of life's lessons?

As my daughters entered their teen years, I realized there was so much I wish I had asked my mother.

I was so fortunate to have had such a good role model growing up and that made me realize that I wanted to be the best parent I could be for my children.

I think a common thread that weaves its way through all of life's lessons is self-esteem.

When you see certain attitudes and behaviors do you immediately recognize that your kids are mirroring back your vices?

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