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Totally intrnet dating

I recently saw a piece on TV about a young man in University, who somehow acquired an Amoeba in his Cornea, under his CLs.

It nearly destroyed his Corneas before he sought medical attention. Cactus Jack , Sparky, This will sound a little strange, but with your prescription change and Vertex Distance effects, my calculations suggest getting some +10 contacts.

The reason I asked your age is that as Presbyopia approaches, you have less ability to add extra Plus internally to compensate for calculation errors.

Please remember that GOC is a very inexact science.

Cactus Jack , gwgs, As I have said many times, I am not an Eye Care Professional. I did not read the whole article, but on the surface, it seemed to me that they sensationalized something that is tragic for the young woman that should not have happened.

There are NO guarantees that this combination will work for you.

I suggest ordering the least expensive glasses you can from an online retailer such as Zenni Optical.

I strongly suggest an exam for contacts, even if it cosmetic contacts, to get an accurate measurement of the corneal curvature and a matching CL to make sure that the contacts move around on the tear film.

Contacts can be hazardous if you don't use good Hygiene and if they are not properly fitted.

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Fundamentally, they are a foreign object in the eye. if properly selected and fitted, a mostly comfortable one, good wearing practices MUST be observed.