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Another loss was not having the full recording of Vancouver punk-rock band the Modernettes‘ 1982 concert at the ballroom of UBC’s student union building.And as time passed, many of the reel-to-reel recordings, which spanned five decades, were in danger of deteriorating completely.“We had moved some boxes of these old tapes to UBC’s archive but it seemed sad to have it all sitting there and no one could listen to it,” said Ci TR’s programming director Sarah Cordingley, whose station no longer had the machines to play the old reel-to-reel recordings.Fundraising began at the station in 2010, and in 2013 UBC’s Library Digitization Centre and the UBC University Archives partnered with Ci TR to begin the process of recording and uploading the reel-to-reel collection.The first order of business was getting machines that could actually play the tapes.Back in the day, reel-to-reel edits were made manually by cutting and splicing together pieces of tape. Cordingley said listening to some of the recordings gives a voice to the past.

One of the highlights for Cordingley was hearing a clip of her former professor interviewing legendary rock musician Lou Reed in 1977.The 14-minute recording, created by Bruce Baugh, was titled “special part #1” — but unfortunately the second part couldn’t be found.Now, after a three-year effort, more than 500 of these old recordings — including music programs, documentaries, public service announcements and live music broadcasts — have been digitized and made available to the public free of charge via UBC’s Library Open Collections website.Cordingley said the station had already begun digitizing its music library of more than 35,000 CDs to make it easier for DJs to manage, so they decided the same process needed to be done with the old reel-to-reel tapes.Reel-to-reel is a type of magnetic tape recording that precedes the cassette.

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