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To install your graphic drivers, simply start the Unity dash and type “Additional Drivers” and click on the icon.A new window will appear which will automatically search the proper drivers: When found, choose the appropriate version and install it. Whether is for listening music or watching movies, installing media codecs is a must!Using the proper drivers for your graphics card is important cause you can get better experience on your system, without the laggy movement of different windows.Not only that, but you can also play games on your Ubuntu Linux system which will require the proper drivers to be installed.The ambiance and radiance theme are not looking bad at all, but they look somehow old compared to other operating systems.But let’s not forget that Linux is flexible and it can be customized.To check for new updates, you can start the “Software Update” application.For that purpose simply click the Unity button and type “Software update“: Ubuntu hasn’t change its outlook in quite some time now (few years if I’m correct).

Simply type “Unity tweak tool” and install it: Unity Tweak Tool allows you to greatly customize Unity’s settings including – autohide, icons theme, panel settings, behavior, switcher and many many others.It’s fair to say that you can play with this tool for hours until you finally decide which settings are the best.So Ubuntu 15.10 has been released and is time to find out what you can add to make your Ubuntu experience even better. Even though you might have just installed Ubuntu 15.10, you will surely want to have all your packages updated to their latest stable version.It doesn’t matter if you are have a fresh install of Ubuntu 15.10 or just upgraded from Ubuntu 15.04 to Ubuntu 15.10 version, these tips will help you add some flavor to your Ubuntu install. This should provide better stability and in some cases performance of your system.You can change the appearance of your Ubuntu by using the “System Settings” - If the “Appearance” menu is not providing enough settings for you, you may add some additional tweaking features by installing Unity Tweak Tool.

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It can be easily installed from the Ubuntu Software Center.

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