Updating for aero

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Updating for aero

Previous user interfaces were Plex, which was featured in Longhorn builds 3683–4039; Slate, which was featured in build 4042 and was available until build 4093; and Jade (builds 4074, 40).

The Aero interface was unveiled for Windows Vista as a complete redesign of the Windows interface, replacing Windows XP's "Luna" theme.

Until the release of Windows Vista Beta 1 in July 2005, little had been shown of Aero in public or leaked builds.

A reader wrote in yesterday asking why she no longer had the “pretty” glass windows, and how to get them back.

It occurred to me that there might be other people with the same issue, so I’m writing up the (fairly simple) instructions for others that might have the same question. If your desktop has suddenly flashed and then reverted to Vista Basic, it’s probably because of one of these reasons: When Windows Vista detects that your computer is running too slowly for Aero, it will automatically disable it.

Normally once you close out of some applications everything goes back to normal, but sometimes you get “stuck” with the Vista Basic theme, and have to go in and enable it again.Re-Enable Aero Theme Right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize, then click on the link for “Window Color and Appearance” Make sure that Windows Aero is selected in the list, and then hit the Apply button.It’s very important to choose the right drivers for your video card otherwise your computer may crash.By following these simple instruction you too can update your video card drivers.This should re-enable Aero: If that doesn’t enable Aero, type into the start menu search/run box, choose the Advanced tab and then the Settings button under Performance: Make sure that at least “Enable desktop composition” and “Enable transparent glass” are selected (Or just choose Best Appearance), and then go back into the desktop properties and choose the Windows Aero theme again (although you really shouldn’t have to do this step) If that still doesn’t work, close out of all your open applications, and verify that the Desktop Window Manager service is running in Services under Control Panel: At this point, you should hopefully be able to re-enable Aero.

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