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Have not noticed any big differences yet other than it took a very long time to acquire the sat. Once acquired the accuracy was a little better than what I'm used to. Check out the direct coordinate entry and see it the Nuvi 360 problems have been incorporated into the Nuvi 350 too... TOPIC_ID=65747Do post your findings to that thread also, thanks! First lock was slow, as seems to be the case with all GPS SW updates.Yes, the coordinates entry procedure has changed, and not for the better.Here is the list of changes: Fixed potential routing problems in areas with overlapping maps Improved calculation of long routes and avoiding highways Fixed turn review map page to refresh when the turn is reached Fixed traffic list and detour button interaction Fixed off-road route line Improved vehicle load times on vehicle page Added Turkish text language Updated text language translations Improved coordinate entry find method Added verification step to Garmin Lock Pin entry Fixed possible shutdown when pressing Stop while speaking first navigation instruction Fixed shutdown when saving waypoint with very long name and the link: Attach the Nuvi to you PC and run the downloaded program.product=010-00455-00 Tron_1 Download is fairly small only 4.18 MB. It will tell you when to detach the Nuvi from the PC.I did use the nuvi for 4 or 5 quick finds, and I must admit that I was worried about dropping and damaging it.

Road test tomorrow.-dan For once, I am glad I did not rush into this blindly and perform the update to remain on the "bleeding edge." I would like to think that I have gotten wiser in my old age and thought it best to let others experiment with the new update before I tried it.But the truth is, I left my nuvi in the car and I was too lazy to go out and get it to perform the update!My family and I have recently been bitten by the geocaching bug.The Nuvi will boot up and 'Loader' will appear on the splash screen followed by 'software loading'. The Nuvi will then reboot and the splashscreen appears followed by a banner which reads 'Updating GPS software' and a percentage counter on the bottom of the screen.Once fully updated the regular Agree screen will appear.

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I thought it would be nice to use the nuvi to navigate to a parking area close to the geocache, and then use the Vista on foot for the actual find.

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