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We think these receivers are the best ones we have aver sold. 9 pickup at our Cincinnati area warehouse, we can not ship them!

We do have a few motors in stock that will move ku dishes up to 1.2 meter, they go well with our Winegard 0.76 dishes.We use it for downlinks for Pharmaceutical companies, we have it in broadcast stations.If you are listening to EWTN or Evangelical broadcasts on the radio or TV, it may be coming to the stations with one of our Traxis receivers.We sold most of our HD units to a comany that makes signs. We have some C band lnbf's left including the C on Ku dish kits. We may also have some Chaparral Corotors in stock, these are the big feeds that do C and Ku and require seperate LNBs and a receiver that will control servo polarity.LNBfs have been knocked off in China by poor performing products. We are just about out of Traxis DBS6000 HD receivers. These are heavy steel, not the real thin stuff you see on many internet sold dishes.

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You hook your normal coax from the satellite dish to the recceiver. Choose "Net Apps and you can choose weather, Picasa where you can see and store Photos, and RSS. It also records to a thumb drive or external Hard Drive It has a Radio feature from Satellite,,, 3ABN is playing now, Radio Al Salam, RAI Italy, and 60 other stations from Intelsat 21. You will need a larger 7 foot dish for C-Band although most people will use it on Ku band like the Winegard dish we sell.

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