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Validating soap message

SOAP:: WSDL can parse SOAP messages including namespace informations up to the point where equally named elements from different namespaces may appear at the same position.This is a long-standing feature request and will eventually be resolved.However, rpc/encoded is still popular, especially for scripting languages like perl, python or php.You should probably use SOAP:: Lite for rpc/encoded web services.WS-I prohibits the use of DTDs in WSDL definitions. The XML Specification does not require validation from XML processors.No, SOAP:: WSDL does not perform XML Schema Validation.It does, however, enforce the correct structure on both XML and perl data.

Occurrence, ordering, value-spaces, and identity constraints are not checked.

No, SOAP:: WSDL does not perform XML Validation (that is, validation against a DTD).

The message / encoding styles rpc/encoded and rpc/literal are not supported (rpc/literal is hardly used). Unfortunately, SOAP:: WSDL can't even parse many rpc/encoded WSDL definitions, and thus cannot inform you about unsupported message styles in some situations. They can be as well-defined and useful as the document/literal variant.

rpc/encoded is prohibited by the WS-I Basic Profile.

All the document/rpc literal/encoded discussion will cede with WSDL2.0: These variants are dropped in favour of an extensible operation style mechanism. SOAP:: WSDL can use WSDL definitions containing namespaces, and emits SOAP messages with namespace information.

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Its SOAP message parser however, is not namespace sensitive but uses the pre-shared information from the WSDL for looking up what each XML node means.