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Validating visual data in qualitative research

Therefore, although I do not regard this article authoritative, I offer it as a guide to spare other researchers some agony. Keywords: phenomenology, methodology, Husserl Citation Information: Groenewald, T. Following seven years of study of research methodology (including periods of formal study, as well as the attendance of short courses and self study) I came to the conclusion that one needs a grasp of a vast range of research methodologies in order to select the most appropriate design, or combination of designs, most suitable for a particular study. Students perceptions of constructivist learning in a community college American History II.

Most of the titles are shelved under philosophy and the remainder with psychology, literature/languages, education and sociology. However, I experienced major difficulty in finding literature that provides guidelines on conducting phenomenological research. Thereafter the location of the data, the data-gathering the data-storage methods are explained. Unstructured in-depth phenomenological interviews supplemented by memoing, essays by participants, a focus group discussion and field notes were used. Needing a suitable explorative research design that would prevent or restrict my own biases, after some investigation I chose phenomenology.

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Having selected a suitable research design, I found that the Rand Afrikaans University library held a collection in excess of 250 titles on phenomenology.

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