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Virtue and moir dating

American Figure Skater Paul Wylie is an outspoken Evangelical Christian.

Scott Hamilton, founder of the Stars on Ice skating shows, is a Born Again Christian and speaks on Pat Robertsons 700 Club.

The current Director of Communications for Skate Canada (Barb Mac Donald) does pro bono work for One Way Ministries.

Actually, figure skating has a huge fundamentalist Christian side......

The Figure Skating Hall of Fame is in Colorado Springs, CO. James Dobson and his anti-gay group, Focus on the Family.

(GLAAD called them on it - no results) Skate Canada started up its "Tough" Campaign 1 year before the 2010 Olympics.

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(EGALE Canada called them on it - no results) CBC's Battle of the Blades, replaces male figure skaters with hockey players to "attract" new audiences to figure skating.