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Voluptuous women for dating

A wide hip-to-waist ratio is a signal of reproductive fitness.

And a bounty of stored body fat can mean the difference between life and death for fetus or breastfeeding newborn.

Nothing like some bountiful breasts to soothe a cranky baby of any age.

Examples of early jewellery have also been recovered from the caves, and finds have included carved ivory beads and pendants, as well as perforated bird-wing and mammoth ivory flutes - the world's oldest musical instruments. Wendy Walsh was recently on Fox News discussing why stressed men find heavier women more attractive, which was picked up by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in the Moment of Zen segment.A new study out of the University of Westminster in London showed that men under stress rated photos of curvy, voluptuous and downright meaty women much higher than the twiggy type, and what’s more, they even found a wider range of full figures to be more attractive.Evolutionary psychologists speculate that a man under stress reverts back to a hunter in a harsh environment with a last ditch effort to survive by depositing his baby juice in a healthy female.Dr Nicholas Conard of Tubingen University in Germany, who described the find in the journal Nature, wrote: 'The new figurine from the Hole Fels radically changes our view of the origins of Palaeolithic art.'But there is some controversy about when the first artwork was created.

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It is not known when humans first started creating artworks, but geometric designs 75,000 years old have been found on pieces of red iron oxide rock from Africa.

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