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Some reduction are visible in open field measurements.There was little change in deposition for the forest stands over the10 years of observation. Surveys and number of plots for Level II monitoring.The primary producers represented by plants are an important component in biogeochemical cycles.The vegetation made exchanges with a part of the atmospheric gases by photosynthesis, respiration processes, and the final stage of litter decomposition which mineralization.The variation in assessment frequency results in different numbers of plots with data submission for the different surveys (after , etc.

These impediments influence strongly the process of photosynthesis which rate declines sharply.Also the leaves of the trees have an important role in retention of the particulate matters; they are mostly affected when the wet and dry atmospheric deposition increase.The vegetation plays an important positive role in atmospheric purification and air pollutants reduction.The plants play an important role in reducing atmospheric CO content has an important role in reducing of greenhouse gases, participating in reducing greenhouse effect and its consequences on climatic changes.Atmospheric pollutants have a negative effect on the plants; they can have direct toxic effects, or indirectly by changing soil p H followed by solubilization of toxic salts of metals like aluminum.

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The particulate matters have a negative mechanical effect.