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Hillary Clinton is almost certain to fall short of the record turnout numbers by black voters that propelled Barack Obama to the White House. Chatter is growing louder on Capitol Hill that Paul Ryan’s days as Speaker are numbered.

But how much black turnout does Clinton need on Election Day? So, when this 18-month marathon of a presidential campaign season is mercifully over on Tuesday, barring a contested Bush-Gore 2000 result in a state near you, which cable news network stands to rise above the impending ratings plunge? Four House Republicans, including a senior lawmaker close to leadership, told The Hill they expect Ryan to step down after Tuesday’s elections, arguing...

The FBI stink bomb that Director James Comey threw at the electorate...

With the intensified conflict in the Middle East, the ongoing threat of terrorism, and the unfettered hegemony of China, today’s Asians live in “the era of crisis.”We in Asia and others around the world would prefer the next president of the United...

The conservative group Heritage Action is pushing Republican senators to keep the Supreme Court at eight justices if Democrat Hillary Clinton is elected president.

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In a Thursday morning briefing at the Heritage Foundation’s Washington...“Clinton goes negative” is a headline that could have been run at any time during the 2016 general election campaign.