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Who is daesung dating

He explained, "In Big Bang, I am in charge of the B parts, parts that back up Big Bang's main vocals, bridge, and the chorus." He added, "Understanding my position in the group helped in the making of the album."It wasn't that he had ambition for songwriting from the first place.

He wasn't even thinking of writing songs because he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to write songs that would move the audience. However, to wait for YG Entertainment's main producer Teddy to work with him, his turn was far behind, and G-Dragon was already busy with his own solo world tour. Maybe it was CEO Yang Hyun Suk's plan to test Seungri, he encouraged him to "Try it on your own."Seungri acted quickly as he was ordered by YG.

I think that the girls watch too many American dramas like "Sex and the City" and "Gossip Girl". So in that song, I expressed my feelings with an intense piano melody right from the introduction."With ' GG Be', ' Come to my' was made on the same day.

(laughs) Even from a phone call with her, I could tell that she no longer had any feelings for me. He expressed a man's feelings after a breakup in pop R&B.

He introduced the song, "I expressed his feelings after hearing things about his ex-girlfriend in verse 1 and 2, and the feelings of explosion in verse 3."The genre component of his mini album is quite wise.

It was a secret date, but he later found out that his girlfriend was dating another guy at the same time for a month.He raised his voice, "In a relationship, one must at least have the basic etiquette for the other.""Today, there are lots of guys that are being tricked by their girls.He put his head together with songwriters like Ham Seungchun, Kang Woojin, and Choi Pilkang.He participated as a 'melody maker', placing the melody lines on a track during the process of songwriting.Seungri (real name Lee Seunghyun/23) is relatively a lighter character in Big Bang.

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He also demonstrates his talent on variety shows with his happy personality and skills at talking. G-Dragon showed his individuality through songwriting and rapping, TOP through rapping, Taeyang and Daesung through their vocals, but Seungri's role was to support them.

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