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Note: This post is meant for women who want to be more feminine in the old fashioned sense.It’s really not about being a male-identified woman or about arguing whether being feminine is right or wrong.

No need to be rigid about that image though (i.e., you do not need white skin, white features, or straight blonde hair to be feminine).What stands out about this look is that women’s clothing looked different from men’s and it was soft, flowing, and delicate with nothing androgynous. Other aspects include painted or well manicured medium length nails, especially in red.(source: Wikipedia) So, you being a woman does not automatically make you feminine. Because in the past masculine and feminine was clearly delineated and there was no androgyny or ambiguity like there is today. This also doesn’t have to be a scientific thing because femininity predates gender studies. It may help to look at works of art depicting women.Anything that a woman does is not automatically feminine. You might not like this, but realistic paintings like those of the (e.g., Manet, Degas, Renoir) really captured femininity, although all the women were White (please just imagine they were Black). below for more tips 🙂 The femininity I focus on is old fashioned/vintage femininity, specifically femininity in Western countries dating from maybe 1900-1960.Women are free to make the choice to be old fashioned feminine.

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This is somewhat of a tutorial of a specific type of femininity, not all forms of femininity.

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