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Shortly after his arrive, Andy was being trapped in a quarry due to his shoe being caught under a rock.Robert Sugden ran to get help and Jack Sugden rescued him.When 10-year-old Andy Hopwood arrived in Emmerdale, he was scarred by a horrendous childhood.His luck changed when the Sugden family fostered him but Andy took a long time to settle and, just as he was, his past caught up with him.Billy’s crime spree ended in tragedy when he robbed the post office, armed with a gun, on Christmas Day 1998.This incident resulted in Vic Windsor's death and left the Windsors in mourning and Andy distraught.

Much to Viv Hope's anger, Andy returned to the Sugdens.Jack and Sarah's marriage was in trouble in 1999 when they fell out over the welfare of the farm.Andrew 'Andy' Sugden (né Hopwood) is the adoptive son of Jack Sugden and Sarah Sugden arriving in the village in 1996.Andy has two adoptive siblings, Robert and Victoria and a half-brother, Darren Eden.Sarah was furious with the changes Jack made including stopping Andy and Robert going to school so they could work on the farm.

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