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He also has enough to maintain a 40,000-square-foot estate in Punta Mita, Mexico, along with the Bel-Air house, where bottles of Chateau Petrus and other ,000-plus vintages are in his kitchen.

He spends much of his day working from home and has been trying to get film and television projects off the ground, while working with the Kardashians on a skin care line.

He sits on a couch in his sleek, Bel-Air home, sandwiched between his girlfriend (25-year-old Wilhelmina model Abbey Wilson) and this reporter. "Only the stupidest of the stupidest people end up on juries, you know? He got his first big break when he compiled TV outtakes into the video franchise.

I've never met a smart person who's done jury duty." Francis has been jailed in Florida and Nevada; successfully sued for defamation by Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn, whom he now owes million; indicted for tax evasion and filming underage girls; blamed for the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of a company connected to Girls Gone Wild (which he says he no longer owns); and banned from entering GGW's Santa Monica offices by bankruptcy trustee R. That made him a millionaire many times over but also opened him up to lawsuits from women who claim they weren't fully cognizant when they signed release forms. STORY: How to Keep a Celebrity Sex Tape Off the Internet "I've had 1 percent of all the lawsuits Steven Spielberg has had," he insists.

Everybody who says, ' Oh, Joe Francis is this' -- look at their penis and tell me if it's small. And then Jeffrey looks at him and goes, ' Son, do you realize how many active lawsuits Dream Works has against it?

' And he goes, ' It's 1,000 lawsuits against Dream Works right now.' " Francis doesn't say how much all this has cost him, or how much money he has now -- though he certainly has enough operating capital to pay for six to eight lawyers, the number his criminal defense attorney, David Houston, estimates are working on his various suits.

"I want that jury to know that each and every one of you are mentally f--ing retarded and you should be euthanized because, as Darwin said, you have naturally selected yourself," he shouts. " It's early evening on Tuesday, May 7, and Francis, 40, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt that clings to his muscular frame, is seething.

PHOTOS: Tax Evader and Accused Jailbaiter: Inside Joe Francis’ Criminal Charges After multiple e-mails and phone calls, he has agreed to an exclusive interview just before departing on a long-planned vacation to India -- first saying he wouldn't address anything "legal," then agreeing to talk about the latest charges as well as all his other issues. "The problem with the jury system is that anyone who's not smart enough to come with an excuse to get out of jury duty doesn't get out," he continues. I'm not conceited, but like -- look, I have girls around me all the time, whatever I want. Francis grew up with three sisters in Laguna Beach, Calif., the son of an entrepreneur and homemaker with whom he has severed all ties.Todd Neilson, who filed suit to keep Francis off the premises. "It's been widely reported my penis is huge, but look, I have nothing to prove" -- upon which he tries to do just that, tussling with his rather sweet girlfriend and urging her to tell me about his assets. "I was at lunch at Jeffrey Katzenberg's house, and his son David was like, ' You've gotten sued a lot.' We're all playing backgammon.Add to all this reporter Claire Hoffman's claim in a 2006 article that he pinned her to a car and twisted her arm so hard tears flooded her eyes -- and that's an awful lot of mischief. PHOTOS: ' Girls Gone Wild' Creator Joe Francis: ' If I Wasn't Me, I'd F---ing Hate Me' "You know why I've been criticized, why I've been brutalized? "Anybody who criticizes me, anybody who -- it's just a jealous guy. We're at the Malibu house, and I love Jeffrey, and I love David, OK?Just the day before, a Los Angeles jury deemed the Girls Gone Wild founder guilty on three counts of false imprisonment and one of assault likely to cause great bodily injury, and now he faces the real possibility of time in prison when he is sentenced in July (though he notes the charges are misdemeanors, not felonies).It's the latest brush with the law for a man who could write a treatise on running afoul of it, who keeps a veritable posse of lawyers in his employ at any given time.

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It is unclear how involved he remains with GGW or what its financial condition is. But they wanted to punish me so bad, they put me on death row with all the death row inmates.

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