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Who is josh hutcherson dating september 2016

Both hailing from Kentucky, they were destined for friendship. Law says it was Hutcherson who helped her stay in the acting business long before he even knew her.

When I was in New York City, and I was starting to act, I wasn’t booking a lot of stuff, and my mom and I were talking about going back to Kentucky and maybe trying again when I was older.

They're the kind of BFFs who can go do their own thing, like when Hutcherson worked on filming Paradise Lost, but when the reconnect, they're better than ever.

There may have been a hint of mistrust in Peeta and Katniss' relationship at the start — after all, Katniss was convinced Peeta was befriending her just to kill her later — but in real life Hutcherson and Lawrence had an instant bond.

It's so sweet when Hutcherson is doing press separately from J. He also admitted that she was his first big movie kiss.

"He’s charming and nice and sweet, like a dog licking your face," she told MTV.

It's an odd compliment for sure, but that's the way their friendship works, it's totally random and hilarious and the two of them together ignite the whole room. Law's kissing skill and he gave her a 12 out of 10.

The only thing better than a movie couple is when the actors are even better friends off set, than on.

I could seriously probably write a 100-item list on why they're the best of friends, but I won't do that to you.

So instead here's a condensed version featuring nine of their best BFF moments. Law adorably describes the impression Hutcherson left on her when they met for a Hunger Games reading.

I can do this, too.' Is that not the cutest story ever?

But there's way more adorableness where that came from.

But I was really determined to not give up on acting, and I saw you in a newspaper as a boy from Kentucky who was making it in Hollywood.

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And I took it to my mom, and I was like, Look, he can do this.