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Who is rose mcgowen dating

I also learned that providing massage provided soothing for pain and other wonderful benefits.In the early 1980s I helped to co-found the first holistic health care center with my husband Michael, who was a chiropractor, herbalist and acupuncturist, and a partner.Because it was so hard for me to get away from work, I convinced her to provide special on-site massage at Hair for several years.Maybe I'm so invested in the topic because I've been involved with the study of massage since I was a teen back in St. As part of my early workaholic years I worked as a type of nurse's assistant during my junior and senior years of high school for a well-known hospital.

I religiously visited Wendy on a weekly or bi-weekly basis until the Rejuvena Spa went out of business.

I tracked Wendy to the world famous Cooper Clinic where she still provides incredible full body massages to clients of the Spa.

Although I have transitioned through a series of massage therapists, I have had a few over the years that were amazing and helped me tremendously.

One such therapist is Wendy Menendez whom I first met at the now-defunct Rejuvena Spa off Northwest Highway.

My contribution was to offer massage treatments provided with or without aromatherapy, which I studied through courses in St. I also offered energy treatments (Reiki) and provided other metaphysical counseling. At our clinic besides offering chiropractic, acupuncture and craniopathy, we offered a wide range of body treatments such as rolfing and other movement techniques.

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My early work with massage convinced me of its many benefits and although I gave up my practice when I moved to Dallas, I continued to visit massage therapists for the overall health benefits and stress relief.

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