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These attacks set her mind on fire with thoughts of death, and shot adrenaline searing through her, sending her running and screaming or forcing her to clear her throat and wheeze, a little something theatrical she added to explain away her curious behavior as asthma.

That was 1970, and in her defense, the crew was hungry. And while I learn from her how aware and pained she is knowing, in her recovery, that people suffered from her actions as a consequence of bipolar disorder, many more, she hopes, reap the benefits from her insights and forthrightness as she speaks out about her own mental health battles and educates the world about bipolar.

As this Academy Award-winning actress will tell you, despite all the enticements of euphoria, balanced is a much better place to be. Actor and author Patty Duke has done it all—performed on Broadway, in feature films, television series, and cartoons, and has appeared in 72 television movies.

And she had already invited the garbage men and their friends, which turned out to be more than a hundred men in uniform, back to the studio for lunch, before finally being summoned to Sheinberg’s office. When Sid arrived, she greeted him with a string of obscenities. She is Patty Duke, the same woman with the Mickey Mouse clock in her pocket.

Then she reached into her pocket for the clock and threw it at him. Well, not really the same woman, because she is balanced now.

How could her parents, who were battered and broken by their own life circumstances say no to apparently well-to-do people who promised to make their little girl a star when they could barely scrape together a month for rent, Patty says, understanding their actions in retrospect.

When she was just eight years old, Patty began suffering from terrorizing panic attacks.

Add to that two Golden Globes, three Emmys, six Emmy nominations, and a People’s Choice Award.Duke’s ability to communicate spread to the page, and she became a best-selling author with her books, Call me Anna, her autobiography; and A Brilliant Madness, a detailed account of her battle with bipolar disorder that she coauthored with Gloria Hochman.By Stacie Zoe Berg Armed with a Mickey Mouse clock, which she had taken from Sid Sheinberg’s desk and tucked in her pocket, at the young age of 24 Patty Duke stood in his office impatiently waiting for him.He was the president of MCA studios and a Hollywood powerhouse, but that didn’t matter. She had already walked off the set of Matt Lincoln, MD, where she was guest starring, because the actors were told to take lunch while a tired crew was required to stay to resolve technical problems. She had already hopped onto a garbage truck with armed soldiers heading for an army base with the studio limo in pursuit on a real-life chase to get an actress back to the set on time.Best known by the public for playing the roles of both main characters Patty and Cathy, who were identical cousins on The Patty Duke Show, she was the youngest actor at the time to have a prime-time TV series bearing her name.

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Hollywood has taken note of Duke’s talent to bring depth and character to a role, awarding her at age 16 an Oscar for her portrayal of Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker, making her the youngest actor at that time to receive an Academy Award.

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