World of warcraft updating blizzard update agent is bret michaels dating taya still

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World of warcraft updating blizzard update agent

However, I did get it to work, and the trick is to “Set Affinity” on and give it something like 4 of the CPU cores.Since processor affinity is inherited, running Diablo 3 from within Windows Explorer (aka your desktop) now works. Try testing on something more than a dual core Pentium D! and commented: In a rather interesting blog post today, Rick Brewster (the developer of Paint.NET) sheds light on an interesting bug in Diablo III.Apparently, Blizzard Update Agent does not support multiprocessor systems.You see, I just put together a brand new Dual Xeon E5-2687W system.It is a beast: dual processor, 8 cores each, with Hyper Threading. In a last act of desperation before borrowing the DVD from a friend to try and load it that way, I had some Raymond Chen style psychic insight and thought it might be a multithreading bug.

That means Task Manager shows 32 tiny little performance graphs. NET really fast (lots of C++/CLI these days), and is killer for working on all that multithreaded rendering code.

Anyway, the fix is a bit clumsy but it seems to work (so far!

we’ll see if it still works after all the downloading is done): I found some forum threads where tons of people are having this issue, and it goes on and on for pages and pages without any fix for the poor souls (so to speak).

Once it starts downloading you’ll probably want to do the same thing for “Blizzard Launcher.exe” Once Diablo 3 finished downloading, it still would not start after clicking the Play button.

“Diablo III.exe” would pop up in Task Manager, and then silently disappear a few seconds later.

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According to the Windows Event Viewer, it was crashing.

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