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Wow patch 5 0 4 not updating

If you want to keep up to date on what I work on you can follow my Twitter. And as a proposal for additional protection, I would introduce function of the random pauses between throwing and pulling out the rod, where the user can set the extreme limits of the pause (for example 0.5-2 sec).

Thanks for the ~3 year run Apoc - FSM base code and always being super helpful. Let Logs is not tracked, but at least outwardly, looks the part, will be more like a human. Currently, there is no way to not print things in the Wo W chat window.

Shynd - Blackmagic Seifer - Blackrain TOM_RUS - Dump thread every patch -Ryuk- - i Hook dll highvoltz - code for using both DX9 and Dx11 for hooking fatskin, Warcraft, Raphael, Mia, katsas, Pdey,gazoleen - language translations hello! I will take it under consideration, but I don't know if I will implement it or not. 1 with 100 more skill on it 1 with 200 more skill on it. Is there a way, to tell him he must use the one with the higher bonus first ? The bot picks the lure in order of your bags starting with your backpack.

I've also been running this bot for many years without warden specifically targeting my bot. I'm running the bot and everything is working correctly;y, but when I wake up in the morning I'm disconnected and I have this error in red from the wow game itself. "]:1: attempt to call global 'Is Fishing Loot' (a nil value). Perhaps, someone might even create a plugin for auto relogging in upon disconnect The error message you see, just means you have disconnected in the middle of a session. To fix your issue, I would check into your internet connectivity to try to stay connected more often.With that said, you can make the decision of whether to use it or not. a couple of days ago I wrote that I was having a problem after updating to a new version - about the bot not being able to compilate the code. Perhaps, someone might even create a plugin for auto relogging in upon disconnect I'm looking into bait features as we speak Sadly my internet connection is fine. It seems if I choose a bait and fish the certain fish and don't get another one within those 5 mins It disconnects me.I would recommend searching around here for alternate fish bots in the mean time.I'm planning on moving on to other projects in the future, but haven't decided on what I am working on just yet.The current working version of Cool Fish is the last update to the bot.

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Once it stops working, I will not be updating it for the latest patch.