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Since quitting MMA, Lesnar has been an active member of the WWE roster and competed back at Wrestle Mania in April where he defeated Dean Ambrose in a 'street fight'.

Since then he is said to have been training for a return to MMA and has been off WWE television.

The enormous size of the verdict is chilling to Gawker Media and other publishers with a tabloid streak, but it is also a flag to higher courts that this case went wildly off the rails.

The UFC were also reportedly in talks last year when Lesnar's WWE contract ended but even after making an appearance at UFC 191, Lesnar decided to stay in professional wrestling and re-signed with the WWE, saying afterwards that he never really got that close to inking a deal to return.

Lesnar returning now puts the UFC in with a big chance of out-drawing their biggest ever pay-per-view record, which is currently UFC 100 Lesnar vs Mir.

The number is far larger than even the plaintiff himself had asked for in relief.

It’s a huge pay-day for an indiscretion that would have been quickly forgotten, one among many in the professional wrestler’s personal life.

Although Lesnar has been plying his recent trade in professional wrestling, that's never stopped there being speculation of a UFC return and it's been reported several times previously that he was on the brink of making a return.

Lesnar last competed back at UFC 141 where he took on Alistair Overeem and lost via TKO after being dropped by a brutal kick to the midsection and finished with strikes on the ground.

It was widely known that Lesnar suffered from diverticulitis and that it massively impacted the latter stages of his MMA career bringing it to an abrupt end in 2012.

That fight drew 1.6 million buys and was only recently put under threat by the Conor Mc Gregor vs Nate Diaz fight at UFC 196. With Lesnar returning and the UFC 200 card already featuring three title fights including Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier II, UFC 200 surely now has to be the strongest card ever in UFC history.

The decision by a Florida jury to grant 0 million in damages for a story on about a Hulk Hogan sex tape was extraordinary.

In a surprising announcement at UFC 199 on Saturday night, the UFC announced that their biggest drawing pay-per-view star of all time Brock Lesnar was returning to fight at UFC 200.

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