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Yeahdating com

so what’s up with my looong-a$$ writing hiatus, huh?!!Anyone who says it isn't is blowing a ridiculous amount of smoke up your you-know-what. Sure, there's plenty of stress, but at least for me, no more so than I had on the way up.And while there are indeed a few who manage to complete the journey only to crash and burn when they reach the top - BP's Tony Hayward and Yahoo's Jerry Yang come to mind - they're the exception, not the rule.Let's start with a simple counterexample, just so you know we're not fooling around here.How about, oh, finding your spouse, soul-mate, life-partner, whatever you want to call it.I've been around a long time and I've known a lot of people.And nobody, not a single person, has ever said, "oh yeah, dating was great; I loved it." That's because dating, i.e.

Enlightened folks like to get all Zen-like and talk about how the journey is everything in life and the destination is, well, overrated. So, what do you say we lose all the BS and actually be honest with ourselves for a minute.

Don't be afraid; it's just you and me here and I'm the only one who's identifying himself by name.

All that said, just because a journey sucks doesn't mean it isn't worth it or it isn't a rite of passage we all must endure.

After all, you learn through experience and there really is no yin without the yang, right?

the journey or process by which you find your spouse, sucks. See, lousy journey, great result, at least half the time, anyway. Oh, I don't know, maybe it's got something to do with all the politicking, backstabbing, butt-kissing, ass-covering, BSing, sugar-coating, whining, ego-worshipping, and self-promoting that goes on. It's not as if you just hop off the turnip truck and somebody hands you a briefcase, a fat paycheck, and a handful of first-class upgrades and says, "Welcome to the club, we've been waiting for you." You've got to fight your way up every rung of that ladder, for every promotion, every raise, every interview process, even just for the recognition.

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